Saturday, January 10, 2009

Julian Casablancas

The Strokes.

An American rockband who hail from New York City of mixed origins. Their style is simple and unique. They wear vintage clothing and tattered jeans. They enjoy cropped jackets and v-neck t-shirts and fuse modern-day rock with blasts from the earlier days.
Julian Casablancas, the lead singer, ( second to the right)
can be marked by European influences, possibly from the days when he lived in Switzerland to attend boarding school. His father is also Spanish and his mother a former Danish supermodel.

His style is probably my favorite of all the members.

It's always very classic but edgy. Casablancas always finishes
off his look with a nice jacket. His shoes of choice of definitely

Where do you get this look?
Asos (pictured below) $403

Where do you get this look?

The real deal
Bergdorf Goodman: $1,440 (Jacket)
Won't burn a hole in your pocket
Asos: $54.00 (Shirt)
On the cheap
Hot Topic: $4.98 (Tie)


  1. Love the Asos jacket as well as the one above it.

  2. Where can you buy the jacket from the first picture ? or what brand is it ?