Monday, January 19, 2009

The Egality of Fashion

Topic: 18th Century Men's Fashion 

Oh, the opulence of 18th century fashion! I do have to say that since I was a child, the 1700s have always intrigued me. I think it has to do with my parents taking me to Colonial Williamsburg. The largest museum in the United States, where actors dawn colonial garb and reenact various trades such as 
blacksmithing, shoemaking, wig-making and the like. The museum is situated on 301 acres and is home to many prominent buildings such as the Governor's Palace, the Raleigh Tavern, Capital and many more. It's definitely worth a visit, even just to see the costumes. 

Men of the time typically wore silk or woolen stockings, breeches that reached the knee and tied in the back, shirts that were gathered at the cuff and a nice waistcoat and topcoat. Most of the time, people could only afford 2-3 ensembles. No prêt-à-porter in these days. 

To purchase a jacket for example, one
 would go to his tailor not to the department store, who would painstakingly make the garment by hand as the sewing machine had yet to be invented. The garment would take days to make and usually required the help of his apprentice. 

In conclusion, the style is cut cleanly and embellished well.  The detail of each coat is something we lack today. The lace and embroidery a forgotten thing of the past.
I wish that one day men's fashion will be equal to that of women's as it once was in this gilded age.    


  1. I visited Williamsburg many years ago and loved it. Of course I am a history nut. I agree the clothing of those times were spectacular. Not sure I would want to get every morning and put all that on however--still love my sweats!

  2. Great look back in time! Thanks!

  3. i love fashion from earlier centuries too... the whole tedium involved in the process of creating clothes made it so regal :o)