Sunday, January 4, 2009



Well, first things first. I should probably tell you a little about what this blog will be about. I would like to blog about men's fashions and some women's. I have a small clothing label named Démodé which specializes in street style and tailored looks.
 I will occasionally post some of my creations 
on here but for the majority of the posts I will feature fashion websites, the latest trends and other things. 

For my first blog I will tell you what I like for men right now. 
1. Slim Trousers (
2. Pea coats
3. Pointy Shoes (Schmoove)
4. Hi-Tops 



  1. I wish more men wore classic and they look so good in them! :)

  2. you're preaching to the choir sister. hehehe

  3. How do I get my hubby to wear those black shoes?... I'm making it my mission!