Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yay! I got featured twice on the frontpage of Etsy. There's my dress on the bottom. I was really excited because this was the first time.  I have been in a few treasuries but they have never gotten to the front.  Treasuries are handpicked items from Etsy that if appealing enough to the administrators, they will choose and the treasury will make it to the front for one hour.  I was lucky enough to be in one that did. My views jumped tremendously from it and I even got my first sale. I sold a vinyl carry-all. The dress that was featured was made from a pattern dating back to 1969. I shortened it quite a bit and took it on the sides. It looks great on Melissa. You can take a look at the store here.

Well, the purple dress that was in the works will be featured next time. It came out great and I love the feel of the material I chose.  




  1. wooHOO! Congrats, and especially on the first sale. I remember how that felt. I was literally floating. :)

    (saw you in the Promo forums on Etsy!)

  2. Congratulations!! :D Beautiful dress.. Great photo too :P I know how it feel to make it to the FP, I think I have also made it once too :) The feeling was great and keeps you motivated and inspired to do great products and take better pictures!

  3. What a lovely shade of pink - it's such a cute dress. Great for you to get to the FP!!!

  4. That is exciting! I love getting a convo letting me know someone liked an item enough to put it in their very own treasury. We need these surprises to keep us encouraged along the way! (found you thru etsy forum critique).
    happy weekend!